Minister Alice Wong Funding Anouncement Minister Alice Wong Funding Anouncement BMS President Rimpy Sadhra 188893249 Hon. Minister Alice Wiong Making Funding Annoucement for Elder Abuse Awareness Program 188893250 Board Member Jay Khera, and BMS President Rimpy Sadhra. 188893251 BMS Executive Director Rana Dhatt 188893252 BMS President Rimpy Sadhra welcoming Minister Alice Wong. 188893253 188893254 188893255 188893256 188893258 188893257 188893259 188893260 Board members Gurdev Dhillon, Charn S. Mahal, and Sukhdev Rakhra 188893261 Sukhdev Rakhra speaking about his experience of helping with Elder Abuse Awareness Seminars. 188893262