Burnaby Multicultural Society Has Ceased Operations

Due to funding cutbacks, BMS has permanently closed operations as of September 30, 2017.

Our Strength is Diversity, Our Goal is Integration


The BMS strives to develop a Canadian Society based on equity and respect for all by helping to integrate new Canadians as fully functional and valued citizens.  In recognizing Canada’s three founding cultures, the BMS promotes the development of an integrated, multicultural society that both shares and celebrates the contributions of the peoples of all ethnic and cultural origins.

The BMS succeeds by accomplishing the following:

  • We help people become better Canadians.

  • We help immigrants and new Canadians to settle successfully in Canada.

  • We help immigrants and new Canadians to participate fully in Canadian life.

  • We assist potential Canadians, from their place of origin to their re-settlement and integration into Canadian society.

  • We provide opportunities for diverse cultural groups to express their interests in developing Canadian society.

  • We support opportunities for all communities to develop Canadian culture and celebrate their heritage.

  • We advocate for public policies promoting equity and full access to the benefits Canada offers to all, regardless of cultural, racial, or religious distinctions.

  • We influence and support the multicultural policies of all levels of government.

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